Sporting SoCal Player Registration 2019

It is IMPERATIVE that this form be completed in its entirety including all uploads.
Failure to complete could result in a player not being eligible for league games.

Please use this form to register players for Sporting SoCal clubs and teams
affiliated with the FC DYNAMO SFV

At the end of this form you will be required to pay the $175 CLUB ADMIN fee
associated with registration through DSC (DYNAMO SOCCER CLUB)

This ADMIN fee covers registration with CalSouth, Liability Insurance via
CalSouth for sanctioned games and practices, game fields for Coast Soccer
league play, & other administrative services related to the 501(c)3.

*Note: This fee does not cover referee fees which can fluctuate and are
handled team by team.

*Some browsers are not displaying the bottom section of this form on the web.
If you cannot scroll down, use your tab button to move to the next section.

Jr., III, etc
Nicknames, alternate names, previous names, etc
Please double check to be certain this is entered correctly, including the birth year. If registration does not match proof of age documentation, it could delay final registration
CalSouth Requires a Proof of Age for all registered players. Please upload photo or PDF of the player's Birth Certificate or Passport. This image must be clear and legible and not a photo of a photocopy, etc. If you don't have a scanner take a clear photo using your camera phone. Proof of Age File Upload *
Attached to the email with the link to this form was a CALSOUTH REGISTRATION FORM that must be completed and signed by all parents before a player card can be distributed. This is a CALSOUTH requirement. Please keep your original and give it to John Akopyan as the originals must be turned into CALSOUTH. CalSouth Registration Form File Upload *
Following the concussion lawsuit brought against US Soccer, Cal South is requiring all players have a signed concussion waiver. This form was also attached to your email. NOTE: Keep your ORIGINAL FORM, The originals must be turned into CALSOUTH. Concussion Form File Upload *
Upload a CLEAR and UNCLUTTERED player photo. This goes on the player card and must be an image that is clear to referee is your player, or they might be denied entrance to the game. Use your camera phone and take a clear well lit photo (outdoors in shade is best) without too busy of a background and without other people in the frame. This is a headshot, shoulders and up, not a full body shot. No silly photos or profiles. Think DRIVERS LICENSE or PASSPORT style. Player Photo File Upload *